Use Cocoslove coconut oil as a baby oil in your baby bath

Bathing your baby in water with baby oil can be an exciting experience.

That is certainly true for your baby the first few times he or she has a baby bath – the child emerges from a very warm spot (your womb) and, no matter how small, is submerged in a seemingly large puddle of water.
In order to make the baby bath as pleasant as possible for your child, you can follow a few simple rules, ending with a gentle treatment using Cocoslove oil. Thanks to Cocoslove oil you nourish your baby’s skin and prevent dry and irritated areas.

Giving your baby a bath: prepare first

Never bath your child when he or she is hungry or has just eaten – it will make your child feel uncomfortable when in the water. Fill the baby bath and add a tablespoon of coconut oil before undressing your baby.

Pre-warm the clothes your child will wear after the bath by placing them on the radiator or a hot-water bottle. It doesn’t hurt to have the temperature high in the room either. Use a thermometer or your elbow to check whether the temperature is right – if you do not feel a big difference between the temperature of the water and your body temperature, then the water is around 37 °C, just right for your baby.

Water can dry out your child’s skin, so also rub generous amounts of Cocoslove coconut oil on your baby after bathing to protect his or her skin from drying out. Remember that your child will be a bit slippery, so hold tight!

How to place your baby in the bath

To bathe your baby, rest the head on your left wrist, holding his or her left arm between your thumb and forefinger. Then the child will never sink underwater. There are plenty of baby soaps available, but in reality a baby’s body doesn’t need them. Throw away the soap – a little coconut oil is so much better!

A baby’s skin is very fragile, and its skin is still trying to self-regulate. No matter how natural some soaps claim to be, they will always attack the fragile skin. That’s why it’s best not to use soap, and water and coconut oil alone will clean your child. For the first few weeks after birth you don’t even have to bath your child daily – once or twice a week is more than sufficient.

Pamper your child with Cocoslove Coconut oil, the perfect baby oil, soft and nourishing after bath time

After the bath, pamper your child a little more, place him or her in a warm towel and put on a diaper. Dab him or her dry carefully, drying all wrinkles, then rub Cocoslove coconut oil over his or her whole body, working in sections. Don’t massage it in for the first six weeks, just rub it on. When you apply Cocoslove coconut oil after bathing, your baby will have a delicious coconut scent and their skin will be protected from drying out and becoming irritated.

Allow the coconut oil to draw in while you keep your baby warm in the towel. Then dress her or him, and you’ll be holding a warm, clean and happy baby in your arms!


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