Cocoslove coconut oil for a baby massage: the perfect massage oil for your baby

A baby massage is a great way to communicate with your child

Until recently a baby massage was something only performed by African or Indian mothers, and it was something we were not very familiar with. Caring for your child is one thing, massaging it is a whole other story. But it is emerging that a baby massage is an excellent way to communicate with your baby, to relax him or her and even to help development. So, thanks to Cocoslove coconut oil, you are doing much more than just giving a massage.

A good time for a baby massage will be self-evident

After a bath, just before bedtime – the time when your child indicates he or she is interested in or in the mood or ready for communicating. A baby massage stimulates your child’s senses and calms them, gives them the security of your love and builds up confidence. When you use Cocoslove coconut oil it will also sharpen your baby’s sense of smell.

Why is a baby massage so good for your child?

A massage is a physical encounter – everything in your child’s little body is set to work properly. Blood flows and warms the hands and feet and the digestive system is massaged into action, discharging waste products and absorbing food. This means that a massage is good for your baby’s immune system as well as stopping cramps and constipation. Massaging your child’s stomach gently with the palm of your hand alleviates pain and helps him or her to relax. That makes Cocoslove coconut oil good for your baby both inside and out.

Did you know that your child is already sensitive to being touched as a six-month foetus? He or she loves to be massaged, and massages can start from the moment the umbilical cord is cut.

The best way to perform a baby massage when using Cocoslove coconut oil as a massage oil

Place your baby on a large cushion and sit with your back against a wall. You can place the cushion between your legs. The proper approach is to be gentle and focussed. Place the baby on his or her stomach and start to massage the neck area, moving down to the lower back using stroking movements. Then move upwards once more. Rub the bottom in a circular motion. Always cover that part of the body you are not massaging to keep your child nice and warm. Do not massage for longer than five to ten minutes.

You can massage for as long as your child enjoys it, and the older he or she gets, the more pressure you can use. So why is Cocoslove coconut oil so perfect for massaging babies and toddlers? When you use Cocoslove coconut oil you nourish the skin with soft and natural purity. Cocoslove protects your baby’s skin every time and all the time.


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