Cocoslove coconut oil for diaper rash, eczema or skin rash

If your baby is suffering from red, sensitive or flaky skin on his or her bottom, then your child might have an irritation, infection or allergy.

A baby’s bottom can become irritated when its diaper is not changed in good time. The contents of the diaper are compressed against the baby’s bottom for too long, or the diaper becomes abrasive, irritating the skin. If you give your child something different than the usual, the diaper contents will also change. Your child might soil his or her diaper more often, or they could suffer from diarrhoea.

All these things can cause diaper rash, eczema or a skin rash. Regularly replace soiled diapers and treat your baby’s bottom with Cocoslove coconut oil. Cocoslove coconut oil leaves a protective layer without blocking the pores.

What causes diaper rash, eczema or a rash on a baby’s bottom?

When a baby urinates the acidity of the skin that comes into contact with the urine changes. Fungi and bacteria can then grow more easily and this could lead to an infection. Modern diapers stop leaks, which is generally a good thing, but it also means that oxygen cannot enter. When the inside of a diaper lacks oxygen but has warmth and moisture, this becomes the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

A fungal infection can also be the cause of diaper rash or a skin rash. Always use Cocoslove coconut oil

If your child still suffers from diaper rash, no matter how frequently you replace his or her diaper, then the cause could be a fungal infection. An infection is characterised by lesions, blisters or flaking skin. Protect your child from infections.

Rub your baby’s bottom with Cocoslove coconut oil as a protective measure. The lauric acid and capric acid in the Cocoslove coconut oil will neutralise the fungi on your baby’s bottom. Avoid antibiotics for as long as possible, as they will also kill your child’s good bacteria, but if you must use them don’t stop nourishing the skin with Cocoslove coconut oil. Always keep a large jar of Cocoslove coconut oil ready on the changing table.

If an allergy or eczema has caused the diaper or skin rash, then use Cocoslove coconut oil too

An allergy can of course also be the culprit behind your child’s diaper rash. If your baby has sensitive skin then he or she might be allergic to certain soaps, lotions or even a specific brand of diapers. Even though products are specifically aimed at babies, that does not mean their skin can handle them. Some babies can even develop eczema from certain products, such as baby wipes.

A wide range of these wet wipes are now available – baby wipes for your child’s face or wet wipes for refreshing him or her. The better option is to make your own baby wipes: rub a little Cocoslove coconut oil onto a cotton cloth and use that to care for your child. We’re willing to bet that your little one will only respond positively to it.


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