Want to lose a little weight or weight loss after pregnancy? Use Cocoslove coconut oil

How do you easily lose those extra pounds after being pregnant? With Cocoslove coconut oil, of course! That’s right, the coconut oil fat encourages weight loss. If you want to use coconut oil to lose weight after a pregnancy, just swallow three tablespoons of coconut oil, spread across the day, to get your thyroid working. A properly working thyroid will, among other things, ensure that your body burns more energy.

In order to trigger your internal engine your body uses medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are contained in Cocoslove coconut oil. If your metabolism works well then you are already well on the road to a slim body. A healthy thyroid also offers more benefits, as the organ produces thyroid hormones as needed. These hormones travel to other organs through your bloodstream and regulate your metabolism.

Why a healthy metabolism is good for you and does more than get you to lose weight

Metabolism might not sound like much, but it ensures that the following bodily functions work properly: cell metabolism, digestion, your heartbeat and oxygen circulation, your physical growth and development (so be sure to feed coconut oil to your children), the maintenance and growth of your nervous system, your body temperature, fat burning, muscular tension and the working of your joints, your moisture balance, your psychological wellbeing and general brain activity. It’s hard to believe the benefits that Cocoslove coconut oil offers, with weight loss being just one of the many advantages.

Eat fat and lose weight? That’s how Cocoslove coconut oil works

When you consume Cocoslove coconut oil you can immediately taste how high the oil’s fat content is. But eating fat and losing weight is surely a contradiction in terms? Not when you’re eating a fat that, thanks to its specific composition, is not stored by the body. Cocoslove coconut oil is used immediately by your body to create energy. That means that, aside from weight loss, Cocoslove coconut oil offers even more benefits: you have more energy and you feel warmer – no more cold hands and feet, while issues such as constipation are also solved.

Weight loss after pregnancy, a healthy lifestyle will make you forget you were ever pregnant

It may have been great to be pregnant, but losing weight after your baby is born and feeling good about your body are on every new mother’s wish list! Don’t forget to combine Cocoslove coconut oil with a balanced lifestyle – eat regular and healthy meals and exercise frequently. For example, a brief walk with your brand-new child will be good for both of you. Aside from Cocoslove coconut oil also take a daily dose of omega 3-6-7 oils so that your essential fat reserves are topped up and you the big ‘health’ picture is balanced.

Three tablespoons of Cocoslove will make post-pregnancy weight loss much easier

Three tablespoons of Cocoslove coconut oil for those who simply want to lose weight, whether or not they have recently given birth, is a great aid. The medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that the oil contains contain even more benefits. Which ones, I hear you ask. A rule of the thumb is that a gram of fat contains 9 calories, but that is not true for all type of fats. And that’s a fat fact: MCTs contain a mere 8.3 calories per gram of fat.

A quick sum: if you eat 2,000 calories a day, of which 30% is fat, then 600 of your calories are from fat. When all the fat you consume is in the form of MCTs (so you only eat Cocoslove coconut oil, for example), then you only derive 540 calories of your daily intake from fat – a daily ‘gain’ of 60 calories. When you multiply that by a year (365 days), you are cutting 21,900 calories annually – the equivalent of 3 kg of fat or 8 to 10 kg of your bodyweight. Even if you replace only one-third of the fat that you consume annually with Cocoslove coconut oil, that is still the equivalent of 2 to 3 kg. In other words, losing weight with Cocoslove coconut oil is a question of making a smart choice when it comes to your ally against excess pounds.


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