Cocoslove coconut oil for the growing child – a healthy spread instead of margarine and perfect for baby teeth

What do you put on your child’s sandwich? Ever thought of coconut oil? Cocoslove is a delicious alternative to butter, and just like butter Cocoslove coconut oil is packed with healthy saturated fats and vitamins A, D and E – perfect for your young one and for brain and eye development.

A significant portion of the brain consists of saturated fat, and that’s what your brain wants to consume too. If your brain is not properly fed, then it finds that fat elsewhere, often to the detriment of your child’s health.

A deficiency of healthy fats causes problems – choose Cocoslove coconut oil

Concentration and skin issues, allergies, getting easily sick or catching a cold frequently - these things could be due to a deficiency of healthy fats. The more you take care that your baby eats good fats, the better he or she will grow. Cocoslove coconut oil and butter are both very rich in these good fats, which are essential for creating bile acid, hormones, nerve cells, strong bones and many other things in your child.

Cocoslove coconut oil is soft and full-flavoured on your sandwich

Always go for good organic coconut oil or genuine organic butter. Use butter made from grass-fed cows – don’t use ‘easy spread’ or, worst of all, margarine. Cocoslove coconut oil is soft and deliciously full-flavoured. Alternate it on sandwiches with butter so that your child learns to love both flavours. And the coconut oil also protects young teeth – the benefits are countless.

Margarine? Use Cocoslove coconut oil, full of saturated fats and perfect for your child’s development

Cocoslove coconut oil is easily spreadable at room temperature. It’s just as spreadable as margarine, and the latter is made from vegetable oils, compiled from unsaturated fatty acids instead of from saturated ones. And saturated fats are a priority when it comes to proper brain development.

One often hears that margarines give you essential fatty acids – those that your child cannot make. And, before becoming margarine, vegetable oils are indeed often rich in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, but these oils are hydrogenated in order to solidify margarine. Thanks to this process margarine is molecularly altered and it is impossible to tell whether it still contains these essential fatty acids. Yes, your child does require omega 3 and omega 6, but in unhydrogenated form – in an oil in its liquid form.

Cocoslove coconut oil is packed with goodness. Whenever possible, prepare your child’s meals with Cocoslove coconut oil and spread it generously on sandwiches from the earliest time when they can eat bread – eight months.

Cocoslove coconut oil is perfect for a growing child

If you’re pregnant, and especially if you’re breastfeeding, take a spoon of Omega 3-6-7 oil melange every day. This will be directly transmitted to your baby. Start off by focussing on saturated fats in your child’s diet.

Because Cocoslove coconut oil is a saturated fat, you can use it for frying and baking when creating your child’s meals. Cocoslove coconut oil fits in perfectly no matter what you are cooking. If you’d like an occasional helping of French fries, don’t worry! Just cut fresh, self-peeled potatoes into fries and fry them in Cocoslove. If you filter the oil properly, you can use Cocoslove coconut oil to fry up to 50 batches. That means that Cocoslove Coconut oil is not just good for you, it’s good for your budget too.

Prevent cavities: use Cocoslove coconut oil as toothpaste or after brushing and to care for your child’s teeth

Toothpaste, toothbrushes and healthy teeth – you teach your children to brush their teeth in order to prevent cavities. As they say, you’re never too young to learn. Baby teeth might only be present for five years, but the better they are cared for the healthier the permanent teeth will be.

Oral bacteria cause cavities, as your mother told you. The more you brush the fewer bacteria. Does your child suffer from cavities as a result of bacteria, or is it because he or she is eating too much sugar? Some scientists say that the latter is the real cause.

Preventing cavities in your child’s teeth

Too much sugar raises blood sugar levels too rapidly and dramatically, while vitamins and minerals are required to digest that sugar. If necessary, the body steals those from the teeth, and so that means that cavities in your child’s teeth are actually indicative of a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Feed your child a mineral and vitamin rich diet.

Look after your child’s teeth with Cocoslove coconut oil

Never give your offspring sugary drinks, as they are the principal cause of poor baby teeth. Another good idea is to massage a little Cocoslove coconut oil on your child’s gums after brushing, which disinfects his or her mouth and prevents plaque. Start while your child is still a baby, and when the first tooth appears, simply rub a little Cocoslove coconut oil on the sore spot, and then on the second tooth and the third tooth, and so on. Rubbing it on eases the pressure your baby feels when a tooth appears.


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