Cocoslove coconut oil is a healthy spread: coconut oil on your sandwiches instead of margarine

If you’re keen on a tasty sandwich and prefer a healthy spread, then go for Cocoslove coconut oil. Healthy fats together with carbohydrates are exactly what your baby, toddler or young child needs. Bread is still the most eaten food and breakfast the moist important meal of the day, so it’s worth considering what you use as a ‘foundation’ on your child’s sandwich.

The young purists may already stop at that, as a sandwich spread with Cocoslove coconut oil is delicious and mild. Cocoslove coconut oil is easy to spread at room temperature. Bread and Cocoslove coconut oil are the perfect combination for good growth and an energy bomb for the mind.

Chocolate sprinkles? Use Cocoslove coconut oil as a healthy alternative to margarine with chocolate sprinkles

Kids love sweet things, and a sandwich with chocolate or fruity sprinkles should always be a fixture of a happy childhood diet. And thanks to Cocoslove the sprinkles stick together between the plate and the mouth.

A healthy version of this is a sandwich with Cocoslove coconut oil and Gula Java Cacao: mix 3 tablespoons of Cocoslove coconut oil with 3 tablespoons of Gula Java Cacao in a bowl until it turns into a cohesive mass: a healthy chocolate paste for kids that is perfect for building up immunity. And it’s delicious too!

A healthy spread with coconut oil instead of margarine

A healthy sandwich and margarine never go together. While vegetable fats are good fats, that’s only when they are liquid and unprocessed. So teach your children from a young age that margarine that looks like a soft paste is the big bad wolf in the world of sandwiches. The trans fats in margarine will have nasty consequences, increasing the chances of allergies, diabetes and other issues. If you are pregnant then we recommend that you likewise eat healthy fats on your sandwich. Trans fats can affect the growth of a foetus, so leave margarine on the shelves and choose Cocoslove coconut oil instead.


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