Cocoslove coconut oil is perfect for treating (head) lice

It can sometimes seem as if lice choose the exact same time as children to return to school after the summer. It’s just a matter of weeks before your child returns to school and, hey presto, a plague of lice breaks out. But in reality it only seems that way – lice are present year-round, it’s just that children are more frequently checked at school. That means that lice are quickly discovered, but what comes next?

Head lice: the cause of children’s itchiness

Lice are found most frequently in (head) hair, and they are commonly referred to as head lice. They creep behind ears, under ponytails and down the neck where it is nice and warm and where they can easily get to the bloodstream. To do this they will prick your child a few times a day, giving rise to the itchiness. Nits (lice eggs) closely resemble dandruff, but dandruff is loose while the nits are attached to the hair.

Small children play a lot at school, and when they play their heads often literally connect, allowing the lice to easily stroll from one head to the other. Don’t worry that your child will get lice from the dog sleeping with him or her; animals suffer from different types of lice and they cannot survive on humans.

Lice do not live long – just 30 days. But they can reproduce at great speed. A young louse becomes fully grown in 7 to 10 days and will start laying eggs. Over its 30-day lifespan, one louse can lay up to 250 eggs.

How to combat lice? Don’t use lice shampoo, use Cocoslove coconut oil

If your child comes home with head lice, then you either have to get rid of them using a fine comb or with an anti-lice substance. The best approach is to wet the hair and comb it out every day for 2 weeks. And all members of the family have to be checked and, if necessary, subjected to the same treatment.

If you use a something to treat the lice you must rub it into your head or wash your hair with it. Submerging your child’s hair in water for a few minutes can also work, as the lice drown. Add a little lavender oil to the water, because lice hate lavender! Afterwards, comb out the hair over a white sheet of paper so you can check whether the lice have actually been combed out.
The most common treatments against head lice generally contain chemicals. When you remember that you must apply this to your child’s head for 14 days, and there are often (open) scratch wounds on his or her head, this does not sound like a good proposition. A much safer option is to use a natural substance such as Cocoslove coconut oil. Rub coconut oil into the wet hair and leave in for a few hours (or overnight). Remember to place a towel on the pillow. The antibacterial ingredients in Cocoslove coconut oil will do their job, and the fat itself will stiffen up overnight and suffocate the lice. Comb well the following morning. After treating the hair never tousle your child’s hair with your hands, as this will give the lice fresh oxygen, while you want to rob them of it.


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