This recipe for coconut and apple rice pudding with vanilla and almond slices is mouth-watering!

We all grew up with rice pudding, often with a little saffron to get that beautiful yellow colour. We’ve now created a delicious version that you in turn can make for your children. And it’s healthy, so it’s sensible! Great with coconut milk, apples and coconut oil. And if that’s not scrumptious, then nothing is!

Tip: add a little ice cream to make the rice pudding extra delicious when it has cooled.Rice absorbs a lot of moisture when it has fully cooled down. But do make sure you use real rice for the rice pudding, and not just any old rice, as it is stickier and more porridge-like.

Recipe for coconut and apple rice pudding with vanilla and almond slicesCoconut and apple rice pudding with vanilla and almonds

Serves 4

Rice pudding ingredients

250 g rice for the rice pudding

250 ml coconut milk

750 ml rice milk

1 tbsp Cocoslove coconut oil

1 large apple

4 tbsp coconut blossom sugar

2 tbsp raw cane sugar

½ vanilla pod

50 g almond slices

Preparing the rice pudding

Wash the rice and place in a pot together with the coconut oil, the coconut milk, the rice milk, the coconut blossom sugar, the raw cane sugar and half a vanilla pod and bring to the boil. Place the lid on the pot and let cook for at least 35 minutes on a low heat. Remove from the heat and allow to draw for another 1 to 2 hours with the lid on.

Peel and core the apple and dice it, adding two-thirds to the rice pudding. Dry-fry the almond slices in a pan and mix a third of them in with the rice pudding. Use the remaining almonds and apple cubes as garnish. You can serve the rice pudding either hot or cold. Enjoy!


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