Cocoslove coconut oil is budget-friendly. Making healthy food easy

The household budget for a young couple is under attack from all sides today, with many young families able to devote ‘only’ 13% of their income to food. But food is very important, especially for young families.

The kids are busy growing and need fresh and healthy food. As a mother you are under a great deal of pressure, and under those circumstances healthy meals are your best ally. While it is often the case that good food is expensive food, that does not have to be so. Cocoslove coconut oil is very budget-friendly.

How far does a litre of Cocoslove get you? A young family might prepare one hot meal a day, and one teaspoon of Cocoslove coconut oil is enough to cook a dish. That means that a jar of Cocoslove coconut oil will easily last you two months. So is Cocoslove coconut oil a budget-friendly option? Without a doubt!

Cocoslove coconut oil is cheap to use: for deep frying, baking and as a spread

You can use Cocoslove as a healthy bread spread, for baking, for bodycare and even for deep frying.

When you use Cocoslove coconut oil for deep frying it might seem as if you are using a large quantity, but remember that you can reuse the oil around 50 times if you filter it after cooking.


CocosLove Product

Content: 1000ml
Fair trade, Glute free
100% Premium Quality kokosolie
€ 21.90

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