Cocoslove coconut oil is a sustainable product: Fairtrade with respect for humans and the environment

Cocoslove coconut oil is a Fairtrade product. You’re never too young to learn…

Five percent of the purchase of Cocoslove coconut oil is donated to a fund that is used for education, healthcare, the environment, infrastructure and production resources for the farmers, labourers and suppliers involved in harvesting the coconuts and pressing the Cocoslove coconut oil. Furthermore, Cocoslove is non-GMO, which means no genetically modified organisms (GMO) are used.

The Fairtrade label on the Cocoslove coconut oil jar

Introducing good habits to a child starts with fair trade food and bodycare products
Treating people and the environment with respect – that is one of the goals of the Fairtrade label on a jar of Cocoslove coconut oil. And that’s also what you want your children to realise when you eat coconut oil together.

It is also important for your children that the ingredients and the production process are responsible – no GMOs, no parabens, pesticides, phenoxyethanol or any other synthetic ingredients. Cocoslove coconut oil is 100% natural, and no tests on animals were conducted.

A Fairtrade label also means that no employees are exposed to any hazards at any stage of the process. Employee wellbeing is actively checked during working hours, safety clothing is provided and sufficient breaks are granted. Social work is also performed, such as properly paying all staff after working.

Fairtrade: 5 rights for people and trade

Introduce honest values from the earliest time
Fairtrade Cocoslove also keeps a close eye on other issues:
1. humane and safe working conditions for the farmers and labourers;
2. everyone involved in the harvesting and production is treated as a human being;
3. the natural ecosystem is protected from being damaged;,
4. a minimum price is always paid for raw materials and products;
5. long-term contracts and agreements are reached so that cultural and educational projects have sufficient time to take off.


CocosLove Product

Content: 1000ml
Fair trade, Glute free
100% Premium Quality kokosolie
€ 21.90

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