Cocoslove fresh coconut oil: it’s the healthiest

It goes without saying that you want the very best coconut oil for your baby. One thing is certain – Cocoslove coconut oil is super fresh. Just a few hours after the coconut is removed from the tree, the oil is pressed from the flesh. Why does the brief period from tree to pressing play a role?

Some coconut oil manufacturers have the coconuts removed from the tree, halved, the bark removed and the flesh dried out. They turn that flesh into coconut flakes, and these (dried) flakes are then shipped to Europe where they are stored. It sometimes takes months before coconut oil is pressed from the dried flakes, and high temperatures are frequently required to do this. These temperatures change the composition of the oil and compromise its quality.

Cocoslove coconut oil is not pressed in Europe but in the country of origin, and the fruit is processed very soon after the coconut is harvested. This preserves all the good qualities of the oil and means that it is super fresh and of premium quality.

Cocoslove is fresh premium quality coconut oil. The healthy coconut oil

When it comes to good quality coconut oil such as Cocoslove coconut oil, the story is a very different one. The flesh of the fruit is briefly dried in a sealed drying cabinet, after which the oil is rapidly pressed from the flesh in the country of origin. Because of the rapid treatment, Cocoslove coconut oil does not contain any trans fats and retains all its MCTs (medium chain triglycerides). MCTs are the unique heroes of every diet as they have a wide range of benefits: less fat storage, more energy for your muscles and other parts, and they are good for people with digestive or liver issues. Cocoslove coconut oil is also perfect for infants, as it is the right fat and does not overtax their young organs, such as the liver and the pancreas.


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