Cocoslove premium coconut oil tastes and smells better than deodorised coconut oil, with a milder flavour and aroma than extra virgin coconut oil

Cocoslove coconut oil does not have a pronounced coconut flavour. If you want your family to start eating healthy fats, then coconut oil is the healthy option. But if you, your partner or children are not big fans of a strong coconut flavour, then Cocoslove coconut oil is the perfect way to start off.
Cocoslove premium coconut oil tastes and smells better than deodorised coconut oil and has a milder flavour and aroma than extra virgin coconut oil.

Cocoslove coconut oil has the perfect flavour for children and babies. It does not have a strong coconut taste or aroma

This coconut oil has a creamy and mild flavour. Coconut products often smell more like coconut than they taste like it, and that is certainly true when you use Cocoslove coconut oil for cooking. The aroma of coconuts will be present while cooking, but it will be almost completely absent from the flavour of your dish. But you’ll still be getting all the health benefits of Cocoslove coconut oil.

Coconut oil Cocoslove is versatile and mild – as a healthy bread spread, a healthy snack or as a treat

If you want to use Cocoslove coconut oil on a sandwich, the oil is spreadable at room temperature. The flavour is best described as unpronounced, making it perfect for both sweet and savoury sandwich fillings.

Or you can use Cocoslove coconut oil on its own as a spread; bread with Cocoslove coconut oil is a delicious combination that means the whole family consumes healthy fats. Both the gourmands and those with a sweet tooth will love Cocoslove coconut oil.

It’s even permissible to give your little rascals a spoonful of Cocoslove coconut oil as a treat. It will quell even the biggest hunger and make them forget all about raiding the cookie jar.

Is the texture of Cocoslove coconut oil hard or soft?

At around 20 °C Cocoslove is in-between. Over 20 °C it becomes liquid and smearable, while under 20 °C Cocoslove becomes hard and less easy to spread. Cocoslove can be stored at any temperature – coconut oil and coconut fat will keep in their hard or soft form until the expiry date.


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