Cocoslove coconut oil: organic coconut oil

‘Bio’ and ‘organic’ are protected European concepts

Cocoslove coconut oil is a certified organic oil. 'Bio' and 'organic' are protected concepts in Europe, which means that not just any old product can label itself as organic. Prior to being certified organic, Cocoslove coconut oil had to comply with certain standards. Cocoslove coconut oil was checked by TÜV Nord Integra, an accredited and independent control body.

Is organic oil better for your child or baby? Free of pesticides, insecticides, chemical preservatives, defoaming agents and anything else

If your child or baby eats or uses something organic, it must be fat-rich or oil-rich. In other words, they should be oils and products such as cheese or dairy. That’s because non-organic fats and oils store poisonous substances. There are no poisons in organic products, so always use organic coconut oil for your baby or child.

When organic products are involved they are subjected to much stricter checks than other things. The inspectors at TÜV want to see the documents that detail the nature and origin of the organic product in question. They also check whether all the production phases comply with a closed organic process and whether products are mixed or exchanged. When it is claimed that Cocoslove contains 100% organic coconut oil from a given ingredient, it is checked whether this is indeed true.

Organic coconut oil? Every stage is checked, in the interests of your child

This verification extends to the labelling and packaging of the organic products. The contents of the labels are checked against the legislation for organic products and whether all the claims are indeed true. The farmer, the manufacturer, the wholesaler and the retailer are all checked, and the procedure is regularly repeated. Inspectors schedule a visit once a year, but they also pay a surprise visit once a year. Cocoslove coconut oil is 100% approved certified organic coconut oil.


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