Cocoslove coconut oil is a superior quality premium coconut oil

Cocoslove coconut oil is a premium coconut oil. What that means is that only top quality coconuts are used for the coconut oil, and that Cocoslove coconut oil is brimming over with high quality nutrients: vitamins A, D, E and K, polyphenols, lecithin, carotenoids and minerals.

Cocoslove is a coconut oil with a gentle flavour and premium quality

Premium quality also means that this Cocoslove coconut oil can be stored for at least two years at room temperature without becoming rancid. The fatty acids in the coconut oil, lauric acid and the MCTs (the medium chain triglycerides), which are responsible for the oil’s health benefits continue to be effective during that period. Premium Cocoslove coconut oil will certainly be beneficial to you, whether you consume it or use it on your body.


CocosLove Product

Content: 1000ml
Fair trade, Glute free
100% Premium Quality kokosolie
€ 21.90

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Cocoslove is a brand of Noble House
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