Cocoslove coconut oil is vegetarian and 100% vegan

Cocoslove coconut oil is perfect for a vegetarian or vegan diet. It contains only 100% coconut oil from the best coconuts in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Cocoslove coconut oil contains ‘good fats’ for vegans. For example, when added to meals Cocoslove coconut oil helps you to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins from vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and alfalfa.

Cocoslove coconut oil for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle

A vegan or vegetarian lifestyle will give you robust health. A vegan can live up to three years longer on average, because the risk of issues such as cardiovascular disease is very small. If you are a vegan you are ten times less likely to suffer from obesity than a person who eats animal products. Eat Cocoslove coconut oil with vegetables and grains and avoid animal products such as butter, dairy, eggs and honey.

Cocoslove coconut oil has the perfect flavour – mild and great for your vegetarian or vegan child

If you’d like to get your children to go vegan or vegetarian, then it is very important to have a good oil or fat for cooking vegetables. Cocoslove is the good fat. Cocoslove coconut oil has a mild flavour, making it perfect for cooking vegetables. And if your child does not like the flavour of coconuts, they won’t even taste it!


CocosLove Product

Content: 1000ml
Fair trade, Glute free
100% Premium Quality kokosolie
€ 21.90

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Cocoslove is a brand of Noble House
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